Annual Guest Speaker Evening

The club have hosted a number of stars from the world of rugby in our Annual Gentleman's Evening, the full list is as follows:

2010 An Evening with Warran Gatland & Robin McBryde. Special Guest: Rick O'Shea, M.C. Adrian Davies

2011 An Evening with John Bentley. Special Guest: Colin Price. M.C. Adrian Davies

2012 An Evening with Derek Bevan. Special Guest: Colin Price. M.C. Gwyn Elfyn

2013 An Evening with Wayne 'Buck' Shelford. Special Guest: Rick O'Shea, M.C. Gwyn Elfyn

2014 An Evening with Paul Wallace and Gareth Davies. M.C. Gwyn Elfyn

2015 An Evening with Gareth Chilcott. M.C. Gareth Rhys Owen

2016 An Evening with Zinzan Brooke. Special Guest: Phil Steele. M.C. Gareth Rhys Owen

2017 An Evening with Rowland Phillips M.C. Robin McBryde (Piod Pinc event)

2017 An Evening with Eddie Butler and Kingsley Jones. M.C. Gareth Rhys Owen

2018 Welsh Legends Q&A - Phil Bennett, Sioned Harries and Robin McBryde. M.C. Gwyn Elfyn

2018 An Evening with Martyn Williams and Garin Jenkins (Q&A)