General Rules and Constitution


1. The name of the club shall be the TUMBLE RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB otherwise hereinafter referred to as the Club or Tumble RFC.

2. The Clubhouse shall be based at a premises agreed by the membership herein after referred to as the Club.

3. The objects of the Club shall be:-

a. To promote, play and foster the game of Rugby Union Football in the locality. To provide facilities for rugby at all levels of participation including Juniors, Youth and Senior. All levels to the incorporated into Tumble RFC.

b. To encourage youth, maintain sociability, and good fellowship amongst the players, the members and with other Clubs.

4. The official colours of the Club shall be Black and White jerseys.

5. Income shall be obtained by means of subscription from Members, gate moneys and by other recognised and legal means.

6. Membership shall include, Club President, Patrons, Vice Presidents, Life Members, Preferred Members, Gold Members, Senior Citizens, Members and Playing Members.

The Membership Fee shall be such sum payable annually, covering the period 1st September to 31st. August inclusive. The fee is to be recommended by the Management Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting.

7. The Management Committee ("otherwise hereinafter referred to as the Committee or the Club Committee"), shall consist of the President, Officials, six Trustees and 9 Committee Members, all of whom shall be above 18 years of age.

8. The Management Committee shall be entitled to confer the privilege of honorary membership on past or present members of the Tumble Rugby Football Club and upon such persons as the Management Committee may deem worthy of the privilege for such period as they may determine not exceeding one year.

9. The Management Committee shall elect persons to membership of the Club and shall have the power to refuse to elect persons to membership without assigning any reasons therefore.

The name and address of any person applying for membership shall be prominently displayed on the Notice Board of the Club for not less than two days before the election meeting.

Every applicant for membership shall be duly nominated and seconded by two members of the Club.

Membership shall be deemed to commence on receipt by the Applicant for membership, of a membership card and the payment by the applicant of his annual subscription and will cover the period to 31st August and renewable annually thereafter.

10. All the property of the Club shall be vested in the Trustees representing and acting for the whole of the members of the Club. No personal liability shall attach to any trustee except of such property or funds of the Club as may be actually vested in or received by him.

11. The Trustees may when authorised thereto by a General Meeting or by the Committee, hold, purchase, or take a lease of any land and buildings and may sell, exchange, mortgage, lease or build upon the land, with power to alter and pull down buildings and re-build from time to time.

The Trustees shall have power to raise on loan or mortgage the sum or sums up to a limit of £50,000.

12. The Trustees may when authorised thereto by a General Meeting or the Committee obtain advances of money for the purposes of the Club upon the security of bonds or agreements or promissory notes or certificates of indebtedness or mortgages of freehold or leasehold property of the Club upon such terms as to interest and repayment and otherwise as may be determined by the General Meeting or Committee.

13. The Committee shall have the following power:-

a) To control and transact all the business of the Club

b) To co-opt any additional members if necessary.

c) To appoint and remove Trustees.

d) To expel or suspend any member who has infringed the by-laws of the Club, the Welsh Rugby Union and the Professional laws or for un-gentlemanly conduct.

e) To appoint sub-committees should they be so required. Members including officials shall form a quorum of four at Committee Meetings.

f) The Management Committee shall keep an account of all purchases and receipts and shall at every Annual Meeting present a report and financial statement for the preceding year.

g) Any person who absents himself for six consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse shall automatically lose office.

14. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of July and twenty one (21) days notice shall be given. In addition to the normal administrative procedure the business shall include thereof:-

a) Auditors Report to consider the balance sheet and statement of accounts of the Club for the previous season to 30th April.

b) Election of Officers and Committee. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be elected by Committee from their numbers at the first Committee meeting following the Annual Meeting.

c) Discussions of amendments, additions and alteration to Club Rules.

d) Election of Life Members.

e) At the General Meetings of the Club, voting shall be confined to members of the Club, and every member shall be entitled to be present and give one vote and no more, upon every question put to a vote provided that in case of equality of votes, the Chairman of the Meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

f) The Chairman to hold office for one year, the Financial Secretary to hold office for a period of three (3) years. The Committee will be elected after the first two (2) years of office and be eligible for re-election. Method of election shall be by ballot papers during the AGM.

15. The officers of the Club shall be President, Patrons, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, and Fixture Secretary.

16. Upon the receipt by him of a written requisition stating its purpose and signed by at least 20 members, a Special General Meeting shall be convened by the Hon. Secretary after due notice has been given to all Members of the Club.


a) Any member guilty of breach of these rules or of any By-Law or regulations which may be prescribed by the Management Committee, or being guilty of misconduct, or otherwise acting in a manner inconsistent with the interests of the Club, or whose conduct shall be the subject of any complaint may by a vote of not less than two thirds of the Members present and voting at a Meeting of the Management Committee called for the purpose or for which special notice has been given, at which meeting the Member or Members concerned shall have the right to appear, be expelled from the Club or suspended for such period as the Management Committee think fit.

Any Member so expelled shall thereupon cease to be a Member and forfeit all rights as such. Seven clear days notice shall be given of any such Meeting of the Management Committee.

18. The Captains of the Senior XV's shall be nominated by secret ballot and all players who have played 10 or more games for their respective XV's shall be entitled to vote. All playing members of Tumble RFC shall conform to the requirements of rule 6.

If, during the seasons, the elected Captain is unable to hold office, the Management Committee shall have the power to nominate a replacement until such time as a new ballot can be held.

19. The coach(es) of the senior XV's be appointed before the end of May. Team selection shall rest with the coach(es) of the Senior XV.

ORIGINAL DOCUMENT 2008         Redrafted 19.10.08
This copy revised, presented, and agreed at AGM 11.11.09  This copy revised, presented, and agreed at SGM 04.03.15